Show Your Mate You “Care”


We have Stag do’s out at Queenstown Paintball all the time and take great amusement in making sure the stag is “well looked after”. The 3 main Stag do focused scenarios that are played at Queenstown Paintball in a stag do sessions are Hunt the Stag, Buck Hunter and Gauntlet.

HUNT THE STAG: The Stag gets to go out and hide. The rest of the players go out as Hunters. If a Hunter gets shot they are out of the game. Object, the Stag has to shoot all the Hunters. The Stag can not die.

BUCK HUNTER: The Stag has to run back and forward between two designated points. Everyone gets a turn at shooting him. Object, To see who can shoot the Stag the most.

GAUNTLET: Everyone stands in two rows facing each other. The Stag stands at the top looking down the gauntlet. The Stag has a brief chance to shoot everyone, then everyone shoots the stag as he has to run the gauntlet.

Whether you have a group of lads that are out to torture their mate or just want to celebrate the Stag getting married in a more low key manner, Queenstown Paintball take pride in making sure everyone has an enjoyable experience that will be talked about long after the wedding.

For more info on our Stag do’s check out this link. Stag Do’s at Queenstown Paintball

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